Rainbow Laces 2020 – James Maddison’s message to Foxes Pride

The Rainbow Laces Premier League fixture on 13th December 2020 resulted in a Leicester City win: it ended LCFC 3-0 Brighton. James Maddison scored two of the goals, while Vardy scored the third.

Madders’ message, and his shout out to Foxes Pride, couldn’t be simpler: “Football is for everyone“. Check it out below!

Revisiting when…Foxes Pride met James Maddison and Ben Chilwell

As part of our ‘Revisiting when’ series, we look at some of the memorable events that Foxes Pride has taken part in.

In November 2019, in anticipation of the annual Rainbow Laces campaign, Foxes Pride were wondering how LCFC would top their previous efforts to make these LGBT+ events special for us.

We can honestly say that we were bowled over by what they organised – a meeting between some of our members – Graeme, Paul and Mish – and first team regulars James Maddison and Ben Chilwell.

Check out the amazing video – thanks to Rainbow Laces, Sky and LCFC for making this happen!

Revisiting when…Foxes Pride met LCFC Legends Steve Walsh and Gerry Taggart

As part of our ‘Revisiting when’ series, we look back at some of the memorable events that Foxes Pride has taken part in.

An exciting part of September 2020’s virtual Leicester Pride event included LCFC organising a special meet-up on zoom with legends Steve Walsh and Gerry Taggart!

From memory, we think there were around 20 members on the call, and we can assure you that we were really excited and happy to be part of this event (contrary to all our serious faces in the image :p)

Thanks to Dan, Lou and Callum from LCFC, and of course Steve Walsh and Gerry Taggart for their time.

Rainbow Laces 2020 – when Foxes Pride went viral!

One of our tweets had 5.5 million views in December 2020!

Foxes Pride was saddened by LGBT-phobic comments online following the Sheffield United v LCFC fixture on the 6th December 2020 during the Rainbow Laces campaign.

Jamie Vardy scored in the 90th minute to win the game against the rivals of his beloved Sheffield Wednesday.

His familiar corner flag celebration was misused by some on social media to spread hateful LGBT-phobic comments.

LCFC and Vardy instead sent this message to Foxes Pride showing their continued support of us, something they have done for many years now!

Hellenic Foxes + Foxes Pride

In December 2020, Kate and Rishi got the chance to speak to some of the Hellenic Greek foxes, who are great allies of ours. They wanted to learn more about Foxes Pride, why we exist and how we can work closer with other supporter groups.

Take a look, you can find the meeting on their YouTube channel below!

We hope to meet up with them in person soon! Fingers crossed for 2021!